3 Palmdream bottles

Palmdream’s ownership approached Aux Creative to help them launch their coconut water brand in the US market via Amazon. Our challenge was to take an established brand in other parts of the world and reinvigorate it, specifically tailored for the US consumer and Amazon marketplace.

We began with market research to help identify key messaging pillars for our audience with the goal to awaken their taste buds to the way coconut water should taste. We identified that focusing on Palmdream’s premium taste and social responsibility would be key in our success and that our visuals should be clean and vibrant.

Bringing the Palmdream brand to life and market in the US allowed the Aux Creative team to develop a wide variety of creative – from their website and Amazon storefront to social advertisements and videos.

The Clinic

The Clinic

We were tasked to develop a brand from the ground up when the owners of The Clinic approached us with their goal to open an approachable, youthful on-ramp for people new to Medspa procedures. Our challenge was to produce a brand that tore down stereotypical beauty barriers and fostered a safe, inclusive space for skincare procedures. We needed to develop a brand that listened, communicated with their audience in a friendly manner, and emoted authenticity and expertise.

Our process included exploratory mood boarding to hone in on the elements most important, visually and emotionally, for the owners. We iterated to develop four distinct brand directions that all responded to the goals of the project and aligned with initial mood board feedback. Upon selecting a direction, we embarked on several rounds of review and iteration to narrow in on the ultimate brand guidelines, including examples of application.

Since developing their brand, we have worked with The Clinic to bring their brand to life through the design of their website, business cards, in-clinic collateral, and more.


Filson Header

In 2019, Aux Creative worked with Filson to reinvent and replatform their online editorial experience. The Filson brand has a rich history of outfitting bold adventurers and producing award-winning storytelling in their print catalogs. However, their online blog didn’t provide them the flexibility needed to bring these stories to life in the digital space.

After the redesign, The Filson Journal showcases bold photography, magazine-style features like pull quotes, and better integration to the Filson eCommerce experience. Additionally, the backend of the blog was developed to give the editors at Filson maximum flexibility. The team can now arrange the homepage based on seasonality and their content calendar. And, every element on the article pages can be customized to feature content in a way that aligns with the quality of design and detail that the Filson team puts into other aspects of their business.


DirtFish Feature Image

In late 2019, DirtFish came to us seeking a reimagined website to complement their planned shift in focus to editorial content beginning in January 2020. DirtFish sought to become the global destination for rally news. With less than an 8-week timeframe before launch, Aux Creative jumped right in!

Our goal was to transform the homepage into a dynamic showcase of all things rally – from news and podcast features to driver rankings and upcoming worldwide events. Additionally, the homepage couldn’t leave out the original core of DirtFish’s business, their renowned rally driving school.

The reimagined DirtFish website highlights vibrant photography and video, an easy-to-understand navigation and content structure, and news magazine-style features like pull quotes, photo galleries, and more. On the backend of the site, the many contributors to DirtFish can now quickly design article pages using the modular “content block” structure we custom-developed, and the homepage elements can be arranged to feature content that aligns with seasonality and overall business goals.