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Bel-Air Athletics

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When Westbrook Media’s team approached us with the task of developing an integrated campaign centered around a new clothing line from Will Smith, inspired by The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and iconic 90s apparel, we jumped at the opportunity.

Bel-Air Athletics had done one small, limited-edition clothing drop previously with nopaid media supporting the launch. For their second, larger launch inspired by the much-loved 90s sitcom, the team wanted to explore a targeted paid media campaign in addition to Will Smith’s wide-reaching organic presence.

Our goal was to highlight the special collection while appealing to both a nostalgic audience with an affinity for 90’s style and modern tastemakers in the streetwear scene. Aux Creative developed assets for Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to support Add3’s media efforts. We enhanced client-provided photography and video assets featuring Bel-Air Athletics apparel with recognizable and nostalgic elements like VHS effects, the original Mac OS windows, and collectable basketball cards.

The results included incredibly high ad engagement, revenue numbers that surpassed our client’s goals, and creative that embodies the word fresh.

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76% CTR
The assets produced a 1.46% click-through rate (CTR), which was 76% higher than the next round of ads (0.83%) which relied on client-developed creative.
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195k Clicks

The creative across YouTube, Instagram and Facebook drove nearly 200,000 visitors to the Bel-Air Athletics site where we saw a 2.48% conversion rate (CVR).

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$446k Revenue

The high levels of engagement with our creative drove over $446,000 in revenue with a return on ad spend (ROAS) of $8.30.

Pie chart
Pie Chart
Case Study 001