Case Study 008

IT Cosmetics Social Media Assets

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IT Cosmetics came to Aux Creative looking to increase performance on their social channels for a flash sale. Add3 had several hypotheses to improve performance – one of which was to lean into more streamlined creative. In designing assets for their flash sale, Aux Creative aimed to develop clean, simple, and eye-catching creative focused on value. When the Add3 team ran Aux Creative’s designs alongside the existing creative, the performance was undeniable – sometimes simple really is best!

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11% higher ROAS IT Cosmetics

Aux Creative assets drove a $3.87 ROAS, 11% higher than the in-house assets’ ROAS.

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1.24% CTR IT Cosmetics

Aux Creative assets generated 9% higher click-through-rates than in-house assets.

IT Cosmetics Social Ad 5
IT Cosmetics Social Ad 1
IT Cosmetics Social Ad 4
IT Cosmetics Social Ad 3
IT Cosmetics Social Ad 6
IT Cosmetics Social Ad 2
Case Study 008