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We were tasked to develop a brand from the ground up when the owners of The Clinic approached us with their goal to open an approachable, youthful on-ramp for people new to Medspa procedures. Our challenge was to produce a brand that tore down stereotypical beauty barriers and fostered a safe, inclusive space for skincare procedures. We needed to develop a brand that listened, communicated with their audience in a friendly manner, and emoted authenticity and expertise.

Our process included exploratory mood boarding to hone in on the elements most important, visually and emotionally, for the owners. We iterated to develop four distinct brand directions that all responded to the goals of the project and aligned with initial mood board feedback. Upon selecting a direction, we embarked on several rounds of review and iteration to narrow in on the ultimate brand guidelines, including examples of application.

Since developing their brand, we have worked with The Clinic to bring their brand to life through the design of their website, business cards, in-clinic collateral, and more.

The Clinic Moodboard

Radical Transparency

The Clinic founders ultimately selected a moodboard for brand development centered around the concept of radical transparency. This direction uses a restrained, muted color palette, structured type & iconography, and intelligent and playful integration of translucency, to deliver a message of clarity & trust to their audience.

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Case Study 007